SwissKnowledge is a swissbased company, founded in 1998

We deliver solutions and functionalities that are necessary for the operations of an enterprise.
Our services are designed for small, medium and large companies in all sectors. Special features of individual sectors are taken into account individually. We support internal processes as well as cooperation with other companies or their employees. Our standard solutions can be extended with your individual needs.

Our main TARGETS

  • Maximum added value to the customer
  • Functionalities based on real customer needs
  • Short as well as long term benefits are guaranteed
  • Best possible usability
  • Simple, nothing without proven supplemental customer value
  • Standard solutions, adaptable to customer needs
  • Lowest possible implementation and operations cost (TCO)
  • Supporting interoperability to other software solutions
  • Help customers on their journey to digitalisation without unpredictable cost and risk
  • Prove to our customers that the TCO of expensive mainstream solutions do not always bear their price

SwissKnowledge VALUES

  • Our team provides to our customers highest quality services
  • Also with standard solutions, flexibility is possible and guaranteed
  • Our team gives the secure handling of customer data highest priority and we meet the highest demands
  • Personal contact between our customer and our team helps delivering what our customer needs
  • Customer feedback is always welcome and let us improve our solutions already many times
  • Our can-do mentality lets things happen and grow


SwissKnowledge HISTORY

  • The Financial Accounting module is productive and available.
  • The solution is available in German, French and English.
from 2022
  • As a consequence of functionalities such as service reporting, invoice management, order 2 bill solutions etc., customers asked to have also their accounting integrated on SwissKnowledge. First respective functionalities are available.
  • French speaking customers motivate us to add French as language in SwissKnowledge.
from 2014
  • The growth of social media solutions (such as Facebook, linkedin, etc.) have a big impact on specific high quality solutions and their acceptance. SwissKnowledge decides to continue as a collaboration platform, but step by step replaces workforce functionalities by collaboration functionalities in the cross-linked business environment.
  • By our close collaboration with Spirio Ltd and the similar set of values, we get additional strength to go forward and create solutions for the future.
  • Based on the collaboration with scientific and market-leading companies/institutions, assessment tests and job profile definitions were created. They got, together with personal data, the core of our online workforce management.
  • In 2009 the company changed to SwissKnowledge PLC, and with the proven knowledge and experience, the development of workforce management services as a cloud and web portal solution has been started.
  • Founded in 1998 as SwissKnowledge Ltd providing local consulting services on workforce management, the success attracted soon new investors to broaden the company scope.